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Vredenburg car park open soon

UTRECHT – This summer, the new car park Vredenburg opens. The parking supply in the city will be greatly expanded with 1,272 parking spaces.

Remarkably is that the car park goes five floors into the ground. The waterproof layer is 60 meters deep. The garage is built with a so-called top-down method, a unique method whereby simultaneously upwards and downwards building is being done. The great advantage of this is that the building time was limited to only one and a half years.
Modern facilities
The garage has a find-your-car system so you never have to look for your car. There are nine charging stations for electric cars, including 4 quick charging points. In addition, all parking spaces are equipped with a parking guidance system so you can quickly see where there are free spots (red or green light). Additionally the car park will save significantly on energy consumption and Co2 emissions because the garage is fully equipped with RentAlite’s LED lights. The light will turn off automatically at times when there is no light is needed allowing even more energy savings and C02.