Our concept; Return on no Investment.

You save up to 85% on energy and C02, without upfront investment

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The Rentalite model

Our Model.

RentAlite is an innovative research and development center specializing in energy-saving projects. Our main focus is new, highly innovative lighting technology specially designed for companies. Changing from traditional energy-consuming products to a new environment-friendly solution is costly. Often the return on investment will be visible several years after the investment has been made. RentAlite uses a smart instant-profit model © which requires no investment, the payback comes out of the RentAlite savings model, with zero maintenance costs during the entire process.

Save electricity. Protect the environment. Make profit.

The RentaLite formula for success:

„“RentAlite’s LED fixtures illuminate the parking garage better and consume 65% percent less electricity than fluorescent lighting.”.“

Klaus Kötterheinrich, Münster
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Full service, where you can save immediately.

We only need one thing from you: your “go”. We have the all inclusive service for you with the latest LED technology and guidance. From the large savings, a small part is the payment for the LED products and often also the installation. The rest is directly for you. We calculate and guarantee this in advance. And after 6 years the installation is for you, because it has to pay for itself! And a 6-year warranty, but even better, a service life of 100,000 hours, so you will not have a replacement in 20 to 30 years.