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Upgrade for Wijnstraat 100 Rotterdam

The association of owners have decided to upgrade the building: the supply and installation of LED lighting.

Rentalite will replace the current lighting in the parking garage, stairwells and parking deck with energy-efficient LED lighting.
In the parking garage the Ultimate Power LED will be installed with an integrated motion sensor. This means that if there is no movement for 10 minutes, the luminaires will dim to 10% and when motion is detected, the luminaires will go back to 100% of the power. Half of the luminaires are also equipped with an integrated battery for emergency lighting. By means of this dimming system, the current 3-core cabling can be reused and no additional cables are required.

The stairwells will be equipped with the PPL wall fixture. In addition, RentaLite will install the PPL escape sign luminaires for the escape route indication and install the PPL street luminaires on the existing masts on the roof.