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The Municipality of Groningen is enthusiastic about Rentalite

“They say what they do and do what they say”

Parking garages are dark by nature and therefore must be well lit. Rentalite helps with this, for example in Groningen (The Netherlands). Michel de Boer and Rein Mebius work for the Parking team at the Municipality of Groningen. First mentioned is responsible for maintenance and management in the field of installation, the latter is responsible for the real estate portfolio. They tell about their positive experiences with Rentalite in the parking garages in Groningen.

Pilot to test

The first contact with Rentalite took place at a trade fair, says Rein Mebius: “Together with a colleague we looked at the luminaires they offered and we had an enthusiastic conversation. At Rentalite’s invitation, we then visited a location where they could show us the difference between traditional fluorescent luminaires and LED luminaires. From there we started a pilot in 2010 in a parking garage that we no longer operate. ”

Pleasant experience with LED

It was important for the municipality of Groningen to know what the switch to LED lighting would mean for the user experience of the parking garage. The garage where the pilot was carried out was not very pleasantly lit at that moment. Rentalite drew up a complete lighting plan for the municipality of Groningen, in which the LED luminaires ensured that the experience of the garage was completely different. At the time, this generated many positive reactions.

Quick development

Michel de Boer indicates that the pilot of ten years ago can no longer be compared with what is now available in LED luminaires: “The difference between then and now is enormous. Development in that area has gone very quickly. This also means that Rentalite can offer increasingly better products. Over the years they have done this at 4 commercial parking garages and 5 neighborhood parking facilities. For some, this involves 1200 LED luminaires per garage. ”

Most economically advantageous offer

It is special to mention that the municipality of Groningen was by no means always the one who chose Rentalite for these projects. Particularly for new construction projects, it was the contractor or the installer who decides, based on a schedule of requirements, where to purchase the LED luminaires. The municipality has no influence on this. Nevertheless, Rentalite made the most economically advantageous offer in all these cases, so in terms of price, quality and functionality. Rentalite kept surfacing on its own.

Very satisfied

The reason why the municipality of Groningen is very satisfied with Rentalite is clear to both gentlemen, says Michel de Boer: “They say what they do and do what they say. If they indicate in their specifications that certain values ​​are achieved, then our independent measurements actually show that these are achieved. It is perfect in terms of service. For example, if a driver is broken, it is not difficult, but simply a new driver comes in. So we have full confidence for the future cooperation.”

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